I began making art, like most children, at a very young age.  Although unlike most, I continued on through adulthood.  Being from the small town of Thief River Falls, MN, exposed me to a tranquil, farming lifestyle that developed my fondness of nature, realism, and more tradition forms of art.

A fascination with the human form, specifically faces, began early on in my childhood and has remained a favorite subject matter in my work today.  My inspiration comes from a wide variety of things: stories, images, music – all of which contain a narrative aspect.  Storytelling and the emotions provoked in the viewer motivates me to create open-ended work. I am fascinated by the way unique perspectives can interpret a single piece so differently.  I never want to tell the viewer what to think or how to feel, as there is no right answer.  I prefer honest reactions. 

Due to my eclectic influences, my work can sometimes be both light and beautiful or dark and eerie from one piece to the next, which I know may alienate some viewers.  However, both sides are a part of me and a part of life.  I choose to render both in hopes of maintaining a wide audience with a little bit of something for everyone.