Like other children, I began making art at a very young age.  Unlike others, I never suppressed my imagination as an initiation into adulthood.  Being from the small rural town of Thief River Falls, MN, I was exposed to a tranquil, farming lifestyle that developed my fondness of nature, realism, and more traditional forms of art.

My work draws from a deep well of inspiration: stories, images, music. The narrative aspects of these sources motivate me to elicit profound emotions through open-ended pieces. Employing a style shaped by my fondness of a slightly skewed take on reality (as I am not a photographer), my works span a variety of subjects and mediums such as oil paints on saw blades and chalk portraits, to sculpture hybrids and domed landscapes.   

Early obsession with the human form triggered my most beloved subject matter to this day: faces. Or in other words, portraits are my jam! Joyous or glum, wise or shining with youth, I believe every face as a story to tell.  Due in part to my upbringing, some of my art can be light and beautiful while other pieces gravitate towards the dark and eerie - a contrast found within us all that I think is well worth exploring. 

I’m always fascinated by the way unique perspectives can interpret a single piece so differently, so I never want to tell the viewer what to think or how to feel about my work. There is no right answer, just honest reactions.